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Les Canadiennes de Montréal
Les Éclipses de Laflèche
Les Étoiles de Dorion/Vaudreuil
Les Troubadours de Victoriaville
La Fédération des associations musicales du Québec
1980 à 82
Les Étoiles de Dorion/Vaudreuil
1984 à 86
Connexion Québec de Laval
1989 à 2011
Teaching music in primary school for children aged 5 to 12


methodeThis book was a special order made by the FAMQ. It was published in 1983.


snare-de-dorion-82The snare drum line of the “Étoiles de Dorion” in 1982.



rarade2At school, I was very active; in addition to teaching music to all students, I was leading small ensembles that were participating to all kinds of occasions.

Here, we were parading in the school on Halloween.


2014-03-02Parade organized to raise money for poor children in Brazil; we walked the streets of Kirkland for this occasion.


orchestre2Every year, there was a small orchestra that often accompanied a choir or playing background music for the school play.

orchestre-2003-2004Other ensembles were formed to play with “Les Étoiles de la chanson francophone” at school.


I also created two percussion ensembles who shined on a bit outside of school:

futuramaFuturama, which only lasted a year in 2010…….. And….

Techtonica, who played under my direction during the two last years of my teaching career:



and 2011



MusiaerobicNouveau! New!